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Meet Amy

I'm Amy Hamberlin

   I was born in Vancouver, Washington, and began my artistic journey at a very young age.  Growing up in the country surrounded by farms, and the Cascade Mountains gave me plenty of exploring time and a love for the outdoors. 

   My artistic spirit was fostered by loving parents who showed me their adventures as creatives and entrepreneurs.

   For the past 14 years, I have worked in the textile and surface pattern design world, traveled the United States, and participated in many international markets promoting my work.

   In 2011, I was diagnosed with NF2 a disorder that causes tumors to form on the nerves, primarily in the skull and spine.  With this diagnosis and the many surgeries that came with it, I had to let a huge part of my career go.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I picked up a brush and started to paint.  At that time,  I was recovering from a series of difficult surgeries. This form of expression gave me so much joy and has become a powerful source of healing. Today, I continue on my path of healing and gain strength and comfort through the healing power of a brush and paint.